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White Sulphur Springs, Meriwether County

On the winding drive between Harris City and Pine Mountain I came across this site, which immediately caught my attention. Research led me to the story of one of old Georgia’s most famous health resorts, White Sulphur Springs. Thanks to the efforts of Steven Stewart, the present owner, it’s being restored. Apparently, it had stood abandoned for many years.

Like the other mineral springs which dot Meriwether County, White Sulphur Springs has a water whose quality has legions of devotees. To those it’s helped with all sorts of ailments, its healing powers are real. Mr. Stewart told Aaron Lake, “I can’t say whether it has medicinal properties, but these people have experienced it.” I believe Mr. Stewart has plans to bottle the water in the future.

In its prime, White Sulphur Springs boasted a luxury hotel, which burned down in 1948, but a few cabins and the pavilion remain. An obvious love of history has motivated Mr. Stewart to save what he can on this historic property. Notables such as John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, George Vanderbilt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy were among the many celebrities who visited here.

I’m presently unaware of the progress of the restoration, but this is private property. My photos were made from the right of way. I just couldn’t pass by without stopping.