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General Elias Beall House, 1847, Hamilton

This Greek Revival landmark was originally the home of General Elias H. Beall, who established a trading post at what is now Columbus for Governor John Forsyth. After the Civil War, the house was purchased by James Monroe Mobley. It is also known as the Beall-Mobley-Williams House.

Curiously, a portion of the house is used today as a Subway restaurant. An architect was used to do the modification and I presume he was sensitive to preserving the historical importance of the house.


Hudson Cotton Warehouse, 1877, Hamilton

I believe my identification of this building to be correct, but if not, I’ll update. It most recently served as an optometrist’s office, but was originally the cotton warehouse of William I. Hudson (1822-1877). Hudson was a county commissioner, state representative, and state senator.

Harris County Courthouse, 1908, Hamilton

The architect of this courthouse, Edward Columbus Hosford, was a native of Eastman. He designed numerous courthouses and public buildings in Florida, as well as the Dodge County courthouse in his hometown. He was also responsible for the major renovations done to the Bulloch County Courthouse in Statesboro.

National Register of Historic Places

Queen Anne House, Hamilton

Switzer-Ingram-Hudson House, 1830s, Hamilton

This marvelous structure originated as a Federal I-House and was likely begun much earlier than the given date of circa 1830. Some have suggested that it was the second house ever built in Hamilton, but that needs further substantiation. Its earliest known owner was Williamson Switzer, Judge of the Inferior Court of Harris County from 1833-37. Switzer was among the most prominent citizens of Harris County in his day and was instrumental in the establishment of the poor asylum in the county in 1835. Later owners were Porter Ingram and William Irby Hudson, a Georgia state legislator and senator.

Hamilton’s 1865 Masonic Lodge Slated for Demolition

Built just after the Civil War, in December 1865, this structure was originally home to Hamilton Lodge #16, Chapter #30, Free & Accepted Masons. Numerous commercial tenants occupied it throughout its history. Lou Brackett sent me an email yesterday and a copy of an article from the Harris County Journal detailing the impending demolition* of the building. According to the article, part of the roof has collapsed, as well as a section of the interior second floor and the city sees it as a potential liability. Once again, demolition by neglect has begotten actual demolition, and history goes with it.

*As of 20 September 2019, the building is being dismantled.

Vernacular Office Building, Hamilton

My guess is that this front-gabled structure was a law office, dating to the late 19th century, but I have no further information. It’s a wonderful building that I hope is preserved for years to come.

Hamilton Baptist Church, 1890

This is an interesting Victorian church and one of the most historic congregations in Harris County, dating to 1829.

National Register of Historic Places