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Moring’s Cash Store, Soperton

Moring’s was the retail center of Soperton for many years and would have sold a little bit of everything, in an era before big box stores.

Historic Storefronts, Soperton

I can’t seem to locate these buildings on a search of Soperton today, but I’m sure they were downtown. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Million Pine Car Spa, Soperton

I believe this business is closed now; this image is from the archives, circa 2013.

Garage Barn, Orianna

This historic barn is located next to the community hall in Orianna.

Mailbox, Treutlen County

Sometimes a mailbox just gets your attention. This is one of those mailboxes. And there was a nice garden being tended in the background.

Tenant House, Treutlen County

This house has three front doors, suggesting it was likely a tenant property.

Saddlebag Tenant House, Treutlen County

This was may have been part of the Soperton Naval Stores operations.

Unidentified Building, Treutlen County

This has the appearance of an old store, but it may have been converted into a home.

Tobacco Barn, Treutlen County

This tobacco barn has been put into use beyond its original purpose. The photo dates to 2010.

Orianna Baptist Church, Treutlen County

The Orianna Baptist Church was established around 1903. In his excellent, Pieces of Our Past*, Scott Thompson writes: The Baptist Church, through its trustees J.M. Hattaway and J.A. Curry, acquired its first church property from P.M. Johnson on August 21, 1903.

*- Though Scott’s blog is focused on Laurens County history, Orianna is located on the Laurens/Treuten line. The Baptist Church, like the community hall, is located on the Treutlen side.