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Alston, Georgia


Sharpe Farmhouse, 1880s, Alston

Kate Moses writes: The house was built by the Sharpe Family. The house and the land surrounding it is still owned by descendants of the family. The “Farm” has many surrounding barns and tenant houses. The inside of the home has not been updated since the early 1900’s. Wesley Odom adds that the house was built in the 1880s.

An historic commissary and barn are also present on the property.


Post Office, Alston

Kate Moses writes: Ms. Evelyn McArthur was the Postmaster here for many years. She was best friends with my grandmother and gave every child that came in to the Post Office a piece of strawberry candy. Dory Sharpe Hickson recalls: Evelyn’s father, Theodore, was postmaster before she took the job. I spent the happiest days of my life as a child visiting in Alston…Dr. Sharpe’s office was in the back of the store. The post office was to the right of the front door, on the left was a soda fountain. In the 1930’s, Lyman Jones worked behind the counter as soda jerk – a very handsome young man. It was known as the “drug store”, the post office just happened also to be housed there.

Olivia Higgs Neesmith notes: I remember this very well, being the oldest granddaughter of Dr. Sharpe and spending much time there. His office was in the back of the store as Dory Sharpe Hickson mentioned. Everyone new each other!