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Jones-Winburn House, Circa 1850s, Midville

Mary M. Rugg writes: This is the Jones-Winburn home, built in the mid 1800’s of [hand-hewn] native pine logs pinned together with wooden pegs. It was the first house in Midville. The original pine log foundation was given to James A. Jones as a wedding gift from his father F. A. Jones. It is believed that the original pine log house had been in the family since before the Revolutionary War.

Jones Lindgren notes that a distant relative, Bess Jones Winburn lived here until her death in the 1960s. It has hints of an Augusta Sand Hills Cottage, though is not nearly as elevated as most examples of that style. The recessed dormers are an unusual feature.


Service Station, Midville

Thomas R. Slappey Building, 1918, Midville

Commercial Storefronts, Midville

Midville Warehouse

This is one of several structures that comprise the Midville Warehouse complex.

Greek Revival Cottage, Midville

This Georgian cottage has a strong Greek Revival influence.

Hickson House, Midville

Thanks to Floyd Cross for the identification.