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Central Hallway House, Rebecca


Patriotic Scenes in Rebecca


To me, there’s nothing more patriotic than a small town flying flags in honor of Freedom. Downtown Rebecca is lined with flags and they look wonderful. And what better to remind us of the best in America than this group of boys walking down a local street, having fun outside. One even has a watermelon.


Single-Pen House, Rebecca


Rebecca United Methodist Church, 1954, Turner County


The first church building of Rebecca Methodist, a frame building, was completed in 1907. Reverend L. B. McMichael was the pastor at the time. In 1919, Rebecca lead a circuit which included Rebecca, Arp and Felder.Providence, and Young’s Chapel.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 1888, Rebecca


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1876 by a missionary preacher, James R. Fields, who had several other nearby churches in his charge. At the time of its founding, Rebecca was known as Grover; the present church building dates to circa 1888. One of the more interesting rules of church decorum (essentially a set of governing by-laws): “If any member of the Church shall give a party of dance…they shall consider themselves cited to conference.”

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery


Allen Smith (26 March 1822 – 21 May 1898)


Mary Smith (4 J uly 1827 – 6 May 1913)


Martha Ann J. Rountree (7 November 1833 – 25 October 1913)


Private J. Robert McElmurray, Company B, 8th Battallion, Georgia State Guards, CSA (1843 – 1931)


Rebecca, Georgia

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