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Miss Ila Mae’s Store, Charlotte

When I photographed this store in 2014, it was the only remaining commercial structure in the ghost town of Charlotte, which appears, incorrectly, on maps as Charlotteville. I’m not sure if it is still standing. A post office was established in the community in 1910 and closed in 1933. Sherra Parisella, and Clint Haynes, who grew up in the area, note that this landmark, oficially Charlotte Grocery, was better known as Miss Ila Mae’s Store.


Charlotte, Georgia

Doorway, Charlotte Grocery

Charlotte [which appears incorrectly on maps as Charlotteville, as it was named for Dr. John E. Mobley’s wife, Charlotte] is located near the old Dead River Cemetery and the site of Dead River Church, an early frontier outpost on a dry branch of the Oconee River where three Revolutionary War soldiers were known to have been members: Captain Wilson Conner, Richard Cooper, and William Ryals.

Charlotte United Methodist Church, 1925, Montgomery County

The first church was built here in 1910, on land donated by Farquar Adams. It was destroyed by high winds in 1915 and the congregation met in the local schoolhouse until the present building was constructed in 1925.