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Stockton School, 1920s, Lanier County

This facility, which housed grades 1-11, was built in the Mission Revival style popular in schoolhouse architecture of the 1920s. The interior remains in fairly good condition; the stucco siding is non-historic and was obviously added later. A full restoration would require removal of the stucco.


Conine’s Store, Stockton


Thanks to Cathee Boswell for the identification. Danise Johnson Watson writes: I grew up right down from Conine’s (on Hwy 84), and can’t tell you how much the memories of that store and the family mean to me! One precious memory was when my daddy would take me down there and sit me up on the old drink case. I’d enjoy my ice cold coke while listening to the men talk! When I was older, I could ride my bike down to pick up whatever my mama needed. In those days Mrs. Ruth granted all the local folks a charge account. Ah, all the goodies I wanted with just a stroke of her pencil! It breaks my heart to see the store as it (barely) stands today. But all I have to do is close my eyes and once again I’m perched on that old drink box, surrounded by people so precious to me!!

In 2019, Tess Howell shared this humorous postcard (likely from the 1960s-1970s), writing: After my grandmother passed in June, I found this postcard in her belongings. I thought you may get a kick out of it.  As a child, I visited Mrs. Ruth many times for peanuts and a bottled coke! My grandmother also worked for Mrs. Ruth here and there at some point in time; in true “Southernness” Mrs. Ruth’s daughter was my high school teacher and her other daughter’s husband is our local pastor.