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McLendon-Walker House, 1903, Fitzgerald

This Queen Anne landmark was built circa 1903. It was the home of Evelyn and Richard McLendon for many years. Richard was a coach and Evelyn was a longtime history teacher at Fitzgerald High School. Current owners Patricia and David Walker have lovingly restored the home.

*- This post was originally published in 2018. This update replaces it.

South Main-South Lee Streets Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Unidentified Church, Queensland

This church doesn’t appear to be in use. I hope someone can identify it.

Evergreen Primitive Baptist Church, Queensland

This is one of three congregations located within a few hundred yards of each other in the Queensland community. I hope to share more history soon.

Mountaintop Missionary Baptist Church, Queensland

As I’ve noted before, the Queensland community in northern Ben Hill County was settled before the county seat of Fitzgerald.

The church dates to the early 1880s at the latest, a typical foundational time for churches in Freedmen’s communities.

The church is one of the most historic and perhaps the most significant surviving African-American religious structure in Ben Hill County. It is well maintained.

The stained glass windows and the steeple are distinguishing architectural features of the church.

Mountaintop Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

The earliest known burials at Mountaintop date to the early 1880s, which is typical of churches established in the first generation after Emancipation. These are representational and not meant to be complete.

Artee Williams (16 August 1900-11 May 1902)
Deacon M. B. Coffee (12 October 1857-24 August 1915)

Deacon Coffee was the Treasurer of the Ocmulgee Baptist Association, with which Mountaintop was affiliated at the time.

Lonnie Brown (7 April 1879-11 June 1963)

Lonnie Brown was one of the leaders of the Queensland community throughout his life and one of the main roads in the neighborhood bears his name today.

Stewart Family
James Charlton & Eva Charlton
Avary Tarlova
Amy Staley (d. 3 March 1953)
Rosa Hughes (15 February 1891-19 July 1977)

Ben Strickland House, Fitzgerald

This double-shotgun house was the home of Ben Strickland. Ben was one of the most interesting “characters” I knew growing up, with a vast knowledge of reptiles and amphibians. Some people called him the “snake man” because he was adept at handling the creatures and spent more time with them than he did with people; he wasn’t scared of them and had great knowledge of their ways, from a lifetime of observations. This fascinated many of us youngsters, even when some folks thought it a bit odd.

Top Ten Posts of 2021

It’s been quite a year, and I hope it’s been good for everyone. I’m so grateful for all the love, and wish you all the best for 2022. Due to popular demand, I’m sharing our ten most viewed posts during the year, and there were some surprises.

#1- Shark Tooth Beach, Jekyll Island

#2- Crystal Lake, Irwin County

#3- The Varsity, 1963, Athens

#4- Harville House, 1894, Bulloch County

#5- Home of Georgia’s Last Confederate Veteran, Fitzgerald

#6- Abandoned Amphiteater, 1973, Jekyll Island

#7- Wasden House, Brooks County

#8- White Sulphur Springs, Meriwether County

#9- Williams Seafood Sign, Savannah

#10- Top Hat Cafe, 1945, Columbus

Batton Farm, Ben Hill County

This focal point of this farm is the old central hallway house, which was expanded a couple of times over the years.

A couple of outbuildings survive on the property.

Tobacco barn
Corn crib

Salem Baptist Church, 1922, Fitzgerald

Salem Baptist was established in 1907 and the present structured erected in 1922. Reverend M. J. Morris was pastor. The board of deacons included J. E. Varnado, G. T. Cason, J. G. Crumley, H. Buchanon, E. L. Smith, R. D. Dixson, and M. T. Taylor. Reverend J. H. Johnson was pastor in charge of the construction.

Folk Victorian House, Fitzgerald

South Main-South Lee Streets Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

J. W. McDonald House, Fitzgerald

This is one of several English Vernacular Revival houses in Fitzgerald.

South Main-South Lee Streets Historic District, National Register of Historic Places