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Old Town Well, Oakfield

Most small towns once had a public well and pump for the use of citizens. A few of these still survive throughout Georgia and are usually sheltered by a gazebo or pavilion.


Abandoned Store Interior, Oakfield

Whitehall Street, Oakfield

The building on the left was a combination post office/store and in the distance is the town well, sheltered by a gazebo.

Exchange Bank, Circa 1915, Oakfield

In 2010, Vonnice Brown wrote: I have always loved this building and about a year ago, I purchased it from the Harris family. The bank was built in the early 1900’s and was open only 3 years as a bank. In trying to determine a date of construction, I compared Vonnice’s information with the transcript of an old lawsuit brought by the bank in 1916 against a Mr. Odum. If the bank only operated three years, that would put the date of construction around 1915. Amazing that it only served as a bank for three years. It’s a beautiful old building.

Commercial Block, Oakfield


Gill’s Grocery, Oakfield


Store & Post Office, Oakfield

Clyde Watson writes: I was raised in Oakfield and know that this building was not only a store but the lady that owned and operated the store was also post master at that time. The Door on the left of the building was where the mail boxes were at and you went through that door to get your mail. The other door was the entrance of the store. I have some very fond memories of this place in the late forties and early fifties.

International Loadstar 1600, Oakfield

These old International trucks were some of the great workhorses of their day, and some are even still in use.