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Dr. William B. J. Hardman House, 1897, Commerce


As best I can determine from limited sources, this was the home of Dr. William Benjamin Johnson Hardman (23 November 1822-21 August 1904), the father of Governor Lamartine Hardman, who was also a physician. The elder Dr. Hardman was one of the most prominent and best-known citizens Harmony Grove (changed to Commerce in 1909).  Dr. Hardman served in Deadwyler’s Company, 4th Georgia Cavalry.


The White Columns, Circa 1904, Commerce


Owners Perry Benson and Scott Jenks painstakingly restored this beloved landmark in 2018 and learned that it was built by Enoch Bush, circa 1904. Previously, it was known locally as “The Wallpaper School” for a business that had once occupied it.

State Street Storefronts, Commerce


State Street is located just off South Broad and most of its historic storefronts have also been restored.


Commerce Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

South Broad Street Storefronts, Commerce


Many of the historic storefronts in downtown Commerce have been nicely restored. It’s a busy area.


Most of these structures houses businesses typical of small towns, from department and grocery stores to lawyer’s and doctor’s offices.


Commerce Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Opera House, 1910, Commerce


Commerce Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

J. M. Crawford & Son Grocery Store, Commerce


This is about as authentic an old grocery store as you’ll find anywhere. Located a mile or so from Commerce, it was likely “out in the country” when it was open.