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Abandoned Farmhouse, Pulaski County

This may be a tenant house or even an old commissary. It’s hard to tell in its present state. It’s just north of Finleyson.

DeLamar Hardware Company Murals, Hawkinsville

The Chero-Cola mural, as well as the Dutch Boy Paints and store murals have been nicely restored on this commercial block in downtown Hawkinsville. It is presently home to Batts Drug Company.


Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Circa 1850, Pulaski County

This I-House (also known as Plantation Plain) is being preserved, but I can’t locate any history other than the approximate date of construction. There two doors on the second floor indicate a porch once ran the length of the front facade and are a highly unusual feature for this form.

Tile House, Pulaski County

This structure was one of several on the property, including a large cistern, made of this unusual multi-colored tile. It is quite unusual and will hopefully be preserved.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pulaski County

Tom Marlow House, Circa 1870, Pulaski County

I’ve been passing this old farmhouse all my life and somehow it has survived. It looked just like this 20 years ago, so maybe it will be around for a long time to come. It’s actually a pyramidal roof cottage with and extension at the back.

Commissary, Pulaski County

I photographed this commissary on US 129 south of Hawkinsville in 2010. I believe it was razed a couple of years later.

Union Passenger Station, 1900s, Hawkinsville

Though various sources are in conflict as to the specifics, this depot is thought to have been built by the Southern Railway between 1900-1910. It has been in use by an agribusiness company for many years.

Taylor Memorial Hospital, 1938, Hawkinsville

This hospital was chartered in 1936. Robert Jenks Taylor gave the city $100,000 for construction of the hospital in memory of his father, Dr. Eziekiel Henry Taylor, and his grandfather, Dr. Robert Newsome Taylor, Hawkinsville’s first physicians. It closed in early 1977 with the completion of a newer facility north of town.  After being in a state of disrepair for many years it is presently being restored for use as apartments.

Colonial Revival House, Hawkinsville

For as long as I can remember, this house across the street from the old hospital has been abandoned. It would be a wonderful restoration project.