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Coleman’s Chapel Methodist Church, Circa 1871, Jefferson County

Coleman’s Chapel grew out of a plantation schoolhouse started by Lindsey Coleman, a large landowner in the area of present-day Wadley. After initially meeting in a brush arbor, residents of the area began holding revivals and built this church circa 1871, with the guidance of Dr. L. B. Boschell, who had a church in Summertown, Emanuel County. It has been expanded and modified throughout its long history.

The cemetery is the final resting place of infamous murderer Anjette Lyles, as well as her victims. I’m not sure what her connection to the church was, but she obviously had relatives or friends who allowed her to be buried here.


Folk Victorian House, Wrens

I made this photograph on my first photo trip to Wrens with my friend Cindy Griffin, in 2009. I haven’t been able to identify the house but hope to soon.

Eclectic Cottage, Wrens

From the early to mid-20th century, functional utilitarian houses were replacing more formal styles for their practicality and lower cost. They are very common in small towns throughout Georgia and most were built to last.

Restaurant at Clark’s Millpond, Jefferson County

This was a restaurant, located near Clark’s Mill across the highway from the millpond. The structure may be an older one, but someone noted that as late as the 1990s, the restaurant was open. I’ll update if I learn more.

Hall-and-Parlor Farmhouse, Jefferson County

I never get tired of finding these old houses, scattered around the landscape and holding on against the odds. This one is gone now but hung around a long time.

Storage Shed, Stapleton

I believe this was located beside these warehouses. I photographed it in 2014 and don’t know if it’s still standing.

Warehouse, Stapleton

This was likely a cotton warehouse. As I’ve said before, these often overlooked structures are important landmarks in the agriculturally focused communities they served and we should learn as much about them as we can.

Central Hallway House, Jefferson County

This is located across the road from Harts Grove church. It may have been associated with the congregation.

Harts Grove Baptist Church, Jefferson County

This historic African-American congregation was founded by Reverend J. J. Davis on 2 June 1878. It’s one of the oldest Black churches in Jefferson County still in existence. I’m unsure when the present structure was built. I believe it’s now associated with the Missionary Baptists.

Central Hallway I-House, Circa 1900, Wadley

This is a two-story version of the central hallway house type and a good example.