Restaurant at Clark’s Millpond, Jefferson County

This was a restaurant, located near Clark’s Mill across the highway from the millpond. The structure may be an older one, but someone noted that as late as the 1990s, the restaurant was open. I’ll update if I learn more.


8 thoughts on “Restaurant at Clark’s Millpond, Jefferson County

  1. Chris Welch

    While Clarks Mill is a “thing of the past”, the thing i rember most is Ms Dallis McKenzies famous “hush puppies”. The A/C might’ve not worked but the food was “on point”..

      1. Traci Barnhart

        I have the Hush Puppy Recipe from there! We lived right up the road from there and it was a great restaurant!

  2. Barbara

    Has anyone looked in Washington County at what was known as Old Francis Place. The main house and slave quarters were there last time I looked, which has been a while.


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