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Durden House, Treutlen County

This vernacular farmhouse (likely 1870s or 1880s) was the home of the Durden family, who owned and operated the adjacent store. The condition of both the store and farmhouse have greatly declined since I made these photographs in 2012.


Durden’s Grocery, Treutlen County


This is located near Blackville. On 26 April 2020, about ten years after I first photographed it, I met the owner, who happens to be the great-great granddaughter of the Durden family who once operated the store.


As is evident in the photo below, the building is in danger of collapsing.  


Single-Pen Log House, Blackville

Tyler Colston writes that as of 2017, this building has collapsed and the lumber is being salvaged for reuse. He also notes: That wasn’t the original location of the cabin. All that land through there was the family’s land . I do know that the log building for the visitor center right off the interstate I-16) was another one of the family’s cabins… The family had a sawmill, grist mill, and did turpentine as well.

Log Corn Crib, Blackville