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Mr. Fish Fry King, Cordele

This a soul food-seafood restaurant. The murals are nice.


R. A. Bedgood House, 1894, Arabi

Having last photographed this local landmark in 2009 [see the history of the house and a vintage photograph here], I was determined to get some photos before it is lost forever. I understand that the most recent owners began restoration efforts in the 1990s and were unable to complete the project. I believe the house could, and should, be saved, even in its present state. [I have included the date of 1894 after consulting two sources; it may have been built slightly earlier and I’ll update if I learn more].

A gazebo, which is likely of later construction, remains on the property.

The most interesting dependency, however, is this unique structure just to the left of the house. It is believed to have been Mr. Bedgood’s home office.

Hall-and-Parlor Tenant Farmhouse, Crisp County

This hall-and-parlor farmhouse features a so-called “preacher’s room” off the left front porch. It has been a landmark to me in my travels between Cordele and Americus for many years.

General Store, Crisp County

Eclectic Farmhouse, Crisp County

While driving back to Fitzgerald the other day, I forgot something and had to turn around. The point at which I turned off the highway brought this into view. I was amazed.

Commissary, Crisp County

Located in northwestern Crisp County near Lake Blackshear (Flint River, originally), this could have been a general store or warehouse, but considering the extensive farming operations in the area, my best guess is that it was a commissary.

Shotgun House, Crisp County

The porch is an unfortunate later addition, but the house seems to be in otherwise original condition.

Watt & Holmes Hardware Building, 1908, Cordele

This marble-front commercial block is one of the nicest historic retail buildings remaining in downtown Cordele. Its condition is probably not good, but hopefully, it can be saved. Watt and Holmes was one of the most successful businesses in early-20th-century Cordele. It was last home to an Allied Department Store.

Cordele Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


Worley House, Circa 1914, Arabi

Anne Carol Burke writes that this was the home of her great aunt, Edna Worley.

Construction of New US 280 Bridge, Lake Blackshear

A new bridge to complement the existing bridge on US Highway 280 over Lake Blackshear is presently under construction by the Scott Bridge Company of Opelika, Alabama. It’s slated for completion in 2019.