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Lester Tritt House, Suches

This Craftsman cottage was built by Lester Tritt when he moved the store  across the road (now known as W. C. Gurley) from its original location.


Toccoa River, Union County

The Toccoa River is one of the most picturesque mountain streams in North Georgia.

It’s a favorite among fishermen and nature lovers.

The river follows Georgia Highway 60, one of the most beautiful drives in Georgia.

W. C. Gurley’s Store, Suches

Though not in Suches proper, this store is nearby and has a Suches address. It’s now home to the Wildcat Country Store & Diner.

Jeremy Burger writes: My great grandfather owned that store (Lester Tritt) prior to Carl and moved it from it’s original location to where it’s sits now. He also built the house across the street and my grandfather was born in it.