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Warehouse, Williamson

This appears to have been some sort of agricultural warehouse in a past life.


Williamson United Methodist Church, 1856 & 1902, Pike County

This congregation was first known as the Red Oak Methodist Church. Williamson was originally known as Driver, for Mr. Giles [or Gillis] Driver, who ran an inn in the community. When Mr. Driver sold the inn to a Mr. Stearns, the area became known as Stearnsville. Later, Judge Ike Williamson bought up thousands of acres of area land and when he gave land to the railroad for commerce, it finally became Williamson.

The Pitts Theology Library at Emory University notes: The Red Oak Methodist Church of Williamson, Georgia, was founded in 1823. The land for the church was deeded through Isaac B. Williamson and Gills Driver to two trustees, William M. Simmons and Benjamin F. Harper. The church originally stood on a site near a large red oak that was mentioned in the deed.

The first pastor was Andrew Hamell. The only recorded member for the first year was Frances Allen. There are no records of “class leaders” until 1872. These leaders were to watch over the spiritual welfare of the people, look after the poor, and report to the Quarterly Conference. Originally a part of the Zebulon Circuit, Red Oak was placed on the Griffin Circuit, then in 1922 it became a part of the Williamson Circuit. It is currently a part of the Heck Chapel-Red Oak Charge.

In 1856 the present church building was built. The vestibule, steeple and bell were added in 1902. The church was remodeled in 1946 under the leadership of Rev. C. B. Drake.

Williamson Christian Church, 1918, Pike County

Williamson Christian Church was built by contractor G. J. McCoy. The building committee included H. W. Reynolds, G. D. Hutchison, E. F. McGahee, C. A. Yarbrough, and F. R. Bottoms.