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Willie Harris Grocery Store, 1969, Hilltop

This store was also known as Hill Top Groceries.

Though it closed a few years ago, it has been preserved as a community landmark.


Double-Pen Tenant House, Hilltop

Most double-pen houses are of the saddlebag variety, with a central chimney, but this example has one chimney, on the side. It’s a rare form today.

Community Sign, Hilltop

A smart sign indicates that you’re in Hill Top. As other signs in the community indicate, the preferred spelling is Hill Top, but as a census-designated place and on maps, it’s written as one word.

Pike County Consolidated School Gymnasium, Hilltop

Pike County Consolidated High School, in the Hilltop community of Concord, was the school for all Black students in the county from the 1950s until its closure in 1969. The Pike County superintendent decided not to renew contracts for any teachers or administrators of Pike Consolidated, including the principal, D. F. Glover. In protest, the students led a demonstration. They marched from Hilltop to Pike County High School in Zebulon, followed by state troopers, helicopters, and the Atlanta news media. As punishment, the students were denied their graduation ceremony and were refused diplomas. Though Mr. Glover was given a job in the newly desegregated Pike County High School, the episode was not forgotten by the students. In 2018, they received their diplomas, and an apology by way of resolution, from the Board of Education.

Blackmon’s Market, Hilltop

Blackmon’s was one of two grocery stores in the small Hilltop community of Concord.