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Carpenter House, 1917, Demorest

This house has been remodeled with new features but I believe it retains its original layout. It certainly has one of the prettiest yards in town. Rebecca Williams writes: This was my maternal grandmother’s house and belonged to the Carpenter family. I spent many a childhood summer on that porch, listening to the downtown clock tower chime. So glad to see it has been preserved.

Sosebee-Bearden House, 1905, Demorest

Shingle Style House, Circa 1908, Demorest

The Shingle style was an eclectic Victorian movement most popular between 1880-1900. Shingle style houses need not be covered in shingles but need at least one prominent feature containing them, therefore, my best identification for this house. I’ve seen this identified as being originally owned by George Pease but haven’t confirmed it at this time. Whatever the details, it’s a great house.