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Central Avenue, Demorest

The building at left was constructed as the Odd Fellows Hall in 1901 and the shotgun store on the right, the only remaining wood-framed commercial building in Demorest, was built in 1893.

Demorest Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


Carpenter House, 1917, Demorest

This house has been remodeled with new features but I believe it retains its original layout. It certainly has one of the prettiest yards in town. Rebecca Williams writes: This was my maternal grandmother’s house and belonged to the Carpenter family. I spent many a childhood summer on that porch, listening to the downtown clock tower chime. So glad to see it has been preserved.

Folk Victorian House, Circa 1927, Demorest

Gabled-Ell Cottage, Circa 1907, Demorest

Folk Victorian House, Demorest

Brumlet House, 1897, Demorest

Sosebee-Bearden House, 1905, Demorest

Craftsman House, 1935, Demorest

Ford House, Circa 1900, Demorest