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Fuller House, Forest Glen

According to Cara Cobb, who suggested the location, this historic Plantation Plain was originally known as the Fuller property. Captain Fuller was one of the first family members to settle in the area and he opened a store at the crossroads which eventually became known as Forest Glen. There was also a grist mill and schoolhouse nearby. The house was built later and I can’t confirm a date, but Cara recalls: A long time ago, two dear ladies, the Fuller sisters came by.  They had grown up in the house. [This suggests the house may date to the early 20th century, though it looks older, and could be].

The property was known as the Fitzgerald Farm until it was purchased by the New Covenant Christian Community in 1977. Though the house has been sold, some of the property is still part of New Covenant.


Newman House, Forest Glen

Thanks to Quincy Roberts for the identification.

Beall’s Mill, Forest Glen

forest glen ga wilcox county red barn photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2008

This is among the first images I posted on this website and I’ve been seeing it my whole life. I was so delighted to learn some of its history, from Emily Anderson: This building was used to grind corn to make meal. Mr. Tomlin operated the mill which was owned by the Beall family (wife was Flora Dix Beall).