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Pyramidal Farmhouse, Jefferson County

Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Laurens County

Examples of this typical hip-roof style are often enhanced by a Queen Anne gable, as in this endangered example.

Hip-Roof House, Twin City

Old Library, Willacoochee

This log building once served as the Willacoochee library. It has most recently been used as a thrift shop by the United Methodist Church.

Hip-Roof House, Midville

Pyramidal Cottage, 1920, Bogart

Some might call this style Gothic Revival and others, Queen Anne. Its construction date would suggest the influence of both.

Hip-Roof House, Washington County

Tom Marlow House, Circa 1870, Pulaski County

I’ve been passing this old farmhouse all my life and somehow it has survived. It looked just like this 20 years ago, so maybe it will be around for a long time to come. It’s actually a pyramidal roof cottage with and extension at the back.

Pyramidal Roof Cottage, Fitzgerald

Hip-Roof Farmhouse, Glascock County