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Precinct House, Goggins

My identification of this structure as a precinct house is tentative, based on the design of numerous other rural voting precincts I’ve documented. I will update if I learn differently.

Johnstonville-Goggins Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Precinct House, Pope City

You’ll have trouble finding Pope City on most maps today and it’s never really been much more than a wide spot in the road. But this populated place in northwestern Wilcox County was significant enough to have a post office from 1910-1918. This structure was likely the voting precinct or “courthouse”.

Precinct House, Berrien County

Bill Outlaw writes that this was a polling place. Jarrod Griner adds: This was the Upper tenth voting precinct used until sometime in the late 1990s.

Precinct House, Washington County

Steve Mimbs notes: I think this was a voting precinct that was very near my wife’s grandparents house not farm from Downs Baptist Church.

Patton Hill Courthouse, 1880s, Schley County

The community now known locally as Concord has also been known as St. Elmo, Nubbin Hill, and Patton Hill over the past two centuries. This precinct/court house dates to the 1880s, according to a wooden sign on the property.

Precinct House, Crosland

Springvale Courthouse, Randolph County

My identification of this structure is tentative. I’m aware of a precinct at Springvale and this appears to be the only logical location. Precinct houses are often referred to as courthouses in rural Georgia. It’s possible that it originally served another purpose but I haven’t been able to locate any history. I’ll update if/when I learn more.

Precinct House, Undine

I believe the precinct houses are called courthouses in this area.

Precinct House, Zetto

I’m guessing as to the identity of this structure. Precinct houses are often referred to as “courthouses” in some parts of South Georgia.

Precinct House, 1898, Hartsfield

Thanks to Haley Perryman for the identification.