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Daniel-Long House, Girard

Among the houses I’ve encountered in Georgia, this is an unusual form of the Queen Anne style. Dale Reddick writes: Folks from around the Girard area are saying this was the home of Mr. Frank and Mrs. Sybil Long. He worked for Southern Bell. Two individuals have agreed on the identification.

Karen Long Davis writes: This post makes my heart happy! This old farmhouse was built by my Great Grandfather for my grandmother Annette Mobley Daniel and my grandfather Albert Bruce Daniel. My mother Sybil Ann Daniel Long and her sister Miriam Daniel Zook were both born in this home. I grew up spending a great deal of time at the old home place! It included 40 acres of which about 30+ acres were planted in pecan trees (Some of which were planted by my mother and her father , which were a source of income for the farm not only during the Depression, but throughout the years! So many stories and memories for me!! Unfortunately, I had to sell the place and it has gone in disrepair…but the memories remain!!!


Bank & Post Office, Girard

I recently learned of the existence of this bank from Vivian Wisham, on my Vanishing Georgia Facebook group. She also told me of the house next door. I spoke with an older gentleman while photographing it who noted it was the Bank of Girard (he wasn’t positive about the name) and probably built in the 1910s. After it failed in 1927, it became the Girard Post Office and served that function for many years. He also stated that he had a photograph of his father in front of the post office circa 1934. He was hopeful that it will be saved. The old bank vault remains inside.

Gable-Front House, Girard

This is located adjacent to the old bank/post office that was recently exposed during property clearing. It is possible that it was originally a store, but a local gentleman told me he remembered it as a rental property. It will likely be razed in the near future.

Folk Victorian House, Girard

Abandoned Filling Station, Girard

As one commenter pointed out, many of these old stations survive only because the cost of removing the underground fuel tanks is expensive and the owners aren’t in any rush to do so. In the smallest towns well into the later part of the 20th century, these were important gathering places, especially for the men of the community.

Hickman’s Store, Girard

Girard School, Burke County

I first thought this to be a house in the style of an old school building, but it was an old school. JEP writes: This was a school house, probably early part of last century. Then when the new brick school was open about 50 yards away, this building became the lunchroom. Rain, sleet or snow, students had to walk over to this building for lunch. Around 1965 both buildings were closed and students had to go to Sardis to school. The town, Girard, eventually restored this building and it is rented out for assorted functions. Receptions, parties, etc. The brick school was restored for the same purpose, and also houses trauma EMTs/Fire as well as city hall.

I believe this is now a private residence.

Girard Masonic Lodge #317, Burke County

Cecil M. Hickman writes that this building was built and owned buy the Girard Masonic Lodge #317 until late 1950’s or early 60’s. The members were transferred to the Sardis Masonic Lodge and the building and land sold to Earl Clifton (Tippy) Hickman & his Aunt Miss Marion Hickman. Tippy installed the door on the right hand side in order to place his excess 1949 & 1950 Fords and extra parts, one of several warehouses he had full of restored 49 & 50 Ford (abt 20) cars & parts. Tippy also refurbished old John Deere Tractors, he had a one cylinder that ran as well as the day it was bought. I don’t know what happened to the furniture used by the lodge upstairs.

Hickman House, Girard