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Machine Shop, Bullard


Historic Storefront, Bullard

Beech Springs Methodist Church, 1897, Twiggs County

My friend Cynthia Jennings tracked down the story of this congregation, via an old Twiggs County history book and I’m sharing it below. There’s an earlier photo of the church at her website.

Now known as the Beech Springs Methodist Church, the congregation was founded in 1878. It got its name because of a nearby spring surrounded by beech trees. At the time of the church’s founding, there were no nearby Methodist churches. The church was built by Elbert Millirons, a founding member of the church, with the assistance of two Black carpenters, Uzzell Sherman and Joe Sears. The first pastor was Julian Toole. The church was expanded in 1916 to add Sunday school classrooms. In 1931, the building was remodeled entirely [to its present appearance].

Friendship Baptist Church, Twiggs County

General Store, Circa 1940, Twiggs County


Unidentified Greek Revival Building, Twiggs County

This relatively well-preserved structure is a bit of a mystery. I first thought it to be a general store, but it is possible it was a church. Resource surveys date it to 1870 but I believe it could be antebellum.

Floyd’s Mine Store, Twiggs County

This is located near the old Huber machine shops in the heart of Twiggs County’s kaolin belt.

Vernacular Craftsman House, Circa 1940, Twiggs County

Liberty Hill Methodist Church, 1953, Twiggs County

Liberty Hill Church was organized in the vicinity of Myrick’s Mill in 1871 and their first church home was constructed in 1872. It was destroyed by a tornado on 30 April 1953 and the present structure was built during the same year, holding services by Christmas Day. The congregation does not appear to be active at the present time.

Eclectic Victorian House, Circa 1910, Jeffersonville