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Berlin, Georgia


Wes Carter writes: I grew up in Berlin and lived there until 2002. I remember this was General Brownings barber shop. There was a red, white and blue barber pole out front and then Berlin Diner which is what the sign you see in the picture said, although now faded. Jonie Nicholson adds that it also served as Berlin’s first youth center. For those not in the know, Berlin is pronounced BUR-LUHN.



Roberts Grocery, Berlin


This also served as the Berlin Post Office for many years. Thanks to Gary Dortch for the identification.

Miley’s Garage, Berlin


Rebecca Hardy writes: I remember as a young girl going here to Miley’s Garage. My Papa Mark Miley ran his garage it this building. I would go there and get a quarter from him and then go across the street to Mr. Homer Mays store and get a coke and a snack. A coke and a snack for a quarter should let you know that was many years ago. Around 1975.