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Central of Georgia Railway, Depot, 1885, Gordon

This typical depot of the Central of Georgia was discontinued in 1985 and restored in 2003.  It is now home to a railroad and kaolin museum. Gordon is one of the main hubs of Georgia’s kaolin industry.


Penn Chevrolet Murals, Gordon

Penn Chevrolet was Gordon’s dealership and located adjacent to this building (if I understand correctly), which has murals honoring the business on both sides.

Old Water Tower, 1923, Gordon

Water towers of this type are known as stand pipes.

Papermill Road, Gordon

A nice stone veneer building large enough to have been a hotel is located at the corner of Macon Road and Papermill Road.

Unions are fairly rare in Georgia, but in areas with heavy industry they survive.

Main Street, Gordon

I’ll identify some of these buildings as I learn more. I hope all these structures can be saved and utilized.

Milledgeville Road, Gordon

The north side of the tracks, Milledgeville Road, still retains most of its historic architecture, as well.

Macon Road, Gordon

Macon Road is actually a street on the south side of the railroad tracks in Gordon. Many of the older storefronts have been restored.