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Craftsman Farmhouse, Turner County


First Apostolic Pentecostal Church, Sycamore

This image dates to circa 2011. The church is still standing but has been sided with metal and expanded from its original form.

Turner County Frozen Foods, 1947, Sycamore

Grady Sconyers married Cortez Henderson in 1936 and they soon opened a general mercantile store, which they operated for about ten years. In 1947, he opened Turner County Frozen Foods, which served as the local “meat locker” and also sold frozen foods. They sold this business in 1950 and opened the Sycamore Gin, which served farmers for a 30-mile radius. Mr. Sconyers was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Turner County. [This photograph dates to 2010. I’m unsure if the building is still standing].

Clinton F. Shingler House, 1914, Ashburn

Among Ashburn’s most architecturally significant houses, this was the childhood home of Betty Talmadge, a former First Lady of Georgia.

Shingler Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

The House by the Road, 1915, Ashburn

Various postcards over the years advertised this charming Craftsman bungalow as “The House by the Road”, dubbing it a “Modern Tourist Home” and a “Beautiful Private Estate Open to Guests”. Other enticements included locked garages, porter service, steam heat with automatic stoker control, electric fans, hot water, shower baths, and Beautyrest box springs. Known as a boarding house, it was also the home of Mrs. Robert R. Shingler, who took great pride in maintaining a hospitable stop for travelers along US 41, a primary north-south route in the days before interstate highways. It is now a private residence.

In renovation, it has been slightly altered, though retains its overall original appearance.

Shingler Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Ketchum House, 1914, Ashburn

This somewhat eclectic Craftsman is indicative of the variety of architecture in Shingler Heights. It was built by J. S. Betts for his daughter Annie Betts Ketchum and her husband Ralph Parker Ketchum. Thanks to Michael Massey for the identification.

Shingler Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Sconyers House, Sycamore

This home was built by Sycamore Gin owner Grady Sconyers. Bill Adams recalls: [The house] came down through Cortez’s family. It was a large red brick home with a porch and steps facing East towards the church, and the South side (now the front) was rather plain. Grady had the changes made to model it after a house which he saw on the road between Palatka and St. Augustine. I don’t recall when it was remodeled…In the years after WWII, as that farm area got electricity, the farmers were able to prosper with tractors, etc. Many remodeled their homes, and often would put out on the porch furniture with marble tops (wash basins and such). If Grady saw one, he would stop and offer to buy it. He saved the marble and later had it converted and used in the house remodel.