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Red Oak Manor, Harlem

This large Folk Victorian has been converted into a bed and breakfast inn, Red Oak Manor,  which also features a nice place to grab lunch or supper, The Acorn Restaurant. The friendly staff were very accommodating, gladly pointing out old houses and interesting locations to photograph in the area.


Eclectic House, Harlem

Harlem Library

This is one of the quaintest little public libraries in Georgia. I imagine it must have been a residence at one time.

Folk Victorian Cottage, Harlem

This central hallway house features dominant Folk Victorian porch posts, very similar in style to the library next door.

Folk Victorian Cottage, Harlem

This is one of several houses in Harlem to feature this style of Folk Victorian porch posts.

Eclectic Victorian House, Harlem

This looks to have originally been a Queen Anne, with the front porch modified at a later date.

Queen Anne Cottage, Harlem