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Folk Victorian House, 1908, Rutledge

Rutledge Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Zachry-Kingston House, Circa 1830, Morgan County

This early Plantation Plain with Federal details was restored circa 1985. Windows, weatherboarding, chimneys, and the front portico were all replaced with historic materials. Two outbuildings were also added to the property at the time of the restoration.

The well-maintained home is located near the Oconee River near the community of Buckhead.

National Register of Historic Places

Stuart House, Circa 1890, Morgan County

A resource survey identifies this simply as “Mrs. Stuart’s House”. I hope to learn more about it.

It’s a nice example of a Folk Victorian farmhouse and has been brought back to an earlier appearance after the removal of asbestos siding and awning.

Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, Morgan County

This simple Folk Victorian farmhouse represents one of the most common forms of late-19th and early-20th century architecture in Georgia.

Robin’s Nest, 1830s, Morgan County

This Greek Revival landmark is also known as The Oaks Plantation and the Bennett-McIntire House, for previous owners. It is a beautifully maintained property. Morgan County notes that the earliest deed extant for the house dates to 1840, but it likely predates that by a few years. It was on the old stage road between Charleston and New Orleans.

Nolan Plantation Smokehouse, Bostwick

Since this has no windows, I’ve ruled out identifying it as a tenant house; a tool house or corn crib wouldn’t have a chimney. Therefore, I’m presuming it’s a smokehouse.

National Register of Historic Places

Dovecote House, Circa 1830, Madison

This home was built in the transitional Federal style by Isaac Walker for his daughter Cornelia and her husband Thomas Jefferson Burney circa 1830 and remodeled to its present Victorian appearance by Martin Richter circa 1895. The house supposedly survived a devastating fire in Madison in 1869 by being covered with wet blankets. It derives its name from a dovecote in the yard.

Madison Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Foster-Thomason-Miller House, 1883, Madison

This stunning relic of the Aesthetic Movement has long been a favorite of photographers and visitors to Madison. After years of neglect and an uncertain future, this endangered property has a new owner and a bright future, with restoration in its future.

Madison Historic District, National Register of Historic Places