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Folk Victorian Cottage, Clayton


Tudor Revival Cottage, 1946, Clayton

This is an attorney’s office but was likely a residence in its first incarnation. Stone structures like this are emblematic of the mountains to me and this one of the nicest examples in Clayton.

Clayton Cafe, 1931, Rabun County

Opened in 1931 in a building that first served as the local Trailways Bus station, the Clayton Cafe is the landmark eatery in Clayton. It’s had numerous owners over the years, including the late Quincy and Jurelle Webb. Quincy was an early supporter of this website and I really miss talking to him. Over several years, he shared numerous memories of growing up in South Georgia before wanderlust took him to the mountains. 

As to the restaurant, it has one of the most popular breakfasts in Northeast Georgia, among a whole slew of home cooked favorites. And the sign is a landmark, too. It is the original Trailways sign turned upside down and repainted. Oh, and when Walt Disney was filming The Great Locomotive Chase in the area in 1956, he was a regular diner at the cafe.

Logan Edwin Bleckley Memorial, Clayton

A simple stone pillar with this bronze plaque honors Rabun County native son Logan Edwin Bleckley (3 July 1827-6 March 1907), who served the Supreme Court of Georgia as an Associate and Chief Justice. He was quite the renaissance man with interests far beyond law. Poetry, philosophy, and mathematics were just some of the subjects he pursued in his spare time. Though considered a brilliant jurist, his humility prompted him to feel unqualified to sit on the bench and citing health issues he resigned both his brief tenures on the state’s highest court. Bleckley County is named in his honor.

Old City Hall, Clayton

This served as the city hall at one time. I believe the roof is a later addition and this was built for another purpose.

Reeves Ace Hardware, Clayton

Reeves Hardware is a landmark in Clayton. They’ve been in business since 1928 and are still one of the busiest places in town.

Commercial Storefronts, Clayton

Downtown Clayton has a nice section of historic commercial storefronts, and since it caters to tourists, is a fun town to walk around.

A variety of architectural styles are present and many facades have been painted and modernized.

The large brick building seen here was built in 2003 but a great effort was made to construct something with a historical influence. It’s really impressive, as are the mountain views in nearly any direction from downtown Clayton.