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Blackwell Grocery, Mansfield

It’s not very often that I find a place like this. Blackwell Grocery, though, is the real deal. It’s a grocery store located in a hundred-year-old building in a small downtown, and it’s without pretense. Today, most places like this are made to look old and sell specialty items that are more geared to tourists than normal folk. Not so Blackwell Grocery. For over thirty years they’ve been a staple in Mansfield but they plan on building in a new location soon.

I don’t know when I’ve seen hand-written signs in a grocery store. And there were just four aisles, if I recall correctly.

They don’t have as much as the big box stores, but they probably have anything you might need.


Commercial Block, Mansfield

I’m not sure what this structure originally served as, but it’s now occupied by Air Power, Inc., a leading distributor of specialized industrial equipment. The building has been nicely restored.

Ava Campbell writes: [It was the] Pacific Uniform plant in the 50’s and 60’s if I’m remembering correctly. It employed many women from the area inc. Newborn, Shady Dale and Covington.

1st Avenue, Mansfield

mansfield ga commercial architecture photograph copyright brian brown vanishing north georgia usa 2016

Hays Tractor & Equipment, Mansfield

hayes tractor company mansfield ga photograph copyrighrt brian brown vanishing north georgia usa 2016

Hays Tractor & Equipment has been in business since 1951 and is a third generation female-owned business. The building likely dates to the turn of the last century, when Mansfield was settled.