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Willie Harris Grocery Store, 1969, Hilltop

This store was also known as Hill Top Groceries.

Though it closed a few years ago, it has been preserved as a community landmark.

Blackmon’s Market, Hilltop

Blackmon’s was one of two grocery stores in the small Hilltop community of Concord.

Hollonville, Georgia

Hollonville is located where Concord Road runs into Georgia Highway 362. And while so many crossroads “towns” all over Georgia have seen their few remaining buildings crumble to ruin, Hollonville has bucked the trend. These two repurposed historic storefronts are home to thriving businesses today. It’s a surprisingly busy place.

Sterlings Grocery, 1896, St. Marys

D. C. Sterling built this grocery store and residence in 1896, after originally operating a location across the street.

St. Marys Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

West Side Grocery, Fitzgerald

West Side Grocery was recently razed, along with Harry Pittman’s Novelty Warehouse and Floyd’s Hamburger Shack. It was the first “convenience” store in this section of town, if not the entire town.

Saxon, Georgia

Saxon is a crossroads settlement located just south of the Broad River. This old store/filling station is about all that remains. I believe it dates to circa 1930.

Patterson’s Grocery, Milledgeville

This historic grocery store, across Greene Street from the old depot in Milledgeville, is adjacent to property once owned by the O’Connor family. It appears to date from the late 19th or early 20th century.

Robinson’s Grocery, Irwin County

I’ve been photographing this structure for nearly 20 years and after all that time now have an identification, thanks to Wilbur Adkison. He notes that it was Robinson’s Grocery and was operated by Mrs. Robinson, who was a teacher at nearby Ashton School (Ben Hill County). Like the store in the previous post, Robinson’s Grocery is an amazing survivor.

Fountain’s Grocery, Irwin County

This has been identified as Fountain’s or Fountain’s Grocery. It has been slightly relocated from its original location.

Grocery & Gas Station, Sumter County

This is also in the Friendship community, located across the highway from the store in the previous post.