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Brewer Pope’s Store, Barwick

A couple of weeks ago I shared an older photo of Brewer Pope’s Store. I made it a point to stop by here on a recent trip and to my amazement, the place hasn’t changed a bit in five years. It’s a good thing because this is one of the coolest country stores to be found in South Georgia. I’m not sure when it closed but it was open as late as the 1980s. For many years, this was a public pay fishing area and the store probably served primarily as a convenience for fishermen. When I first posted the photo on Flickr six years ago, an unidentified user wrote: I remember going to this store in the early 1980s when my dad worked on a farm not too far away. Crickets chirping and getting a cold Coca-Cola, out of the coffin cooler, which was sweating in the hot summer heat of south Georgia.

With the exception of the Ichauway Store in Baker County, I can think of no other in South Georgia with a more idyllic setting. It served generations of folks who probably appreciated its setting as much as I do. The millpond itself is a natural wonder and well-known landmark of Brooks County.


Double-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Barwick

Somehow, these old tenant houses just keep hanging on.

Shotgun House, Barwick

Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Barwick

This historic congregation dates to 1855.

Barwick Court House, 1940, Thomas County



Coastal Plains Farmers Co-Op, Barwick


This was Dub Baker’s Grocery between 1973-1977. Thanks to J. W. Baker for the information.

Post Office, Barwick

Deborah Dodd Squires writes: This building was built by my grandfather, W.R. Thrasher. My grandmother, Sallie Lee Tally Thrasher was postmistress in Barwick for fifty years. The original post office was located next door in Thrasher Brother’s Mercantile Store which was owned and operated by W.R. Thrasher and Jesse Thrasher.

Thrasher’s Warehouse, Barwick

Kay Cooper notes that this was her grandfather’s (W. R. Thrasher) fertilizer warehouse. It was later Beaty’s Grocery.