Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Barwick

This historic congregation dates to 1855.


3 thoughts on “Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Barwick

  1. Carol Peppers

    So it is known. Harmony Primitive Baptist church is still an active church. I know because I am a member and attend each Sunday.

    1. Gene Lang

      Mrs. Peppers, my great grandad was a Primitive Baptist Elder in Brooks
      County. He lived in Morven from 1855 until 1910. He later preached and
      lived in Hatley,Ga. where he died in 1939. He was a farmer/preacher. I am
      82 years of age and stilled trying to find his Church in Brooks county. His name was William Ashley Wade. Does your Church have records of past
      Please advise if so.

  2. msrhae42

    I just got back from a trip through Georgia including Pavo where I found the Old Bethany Primitive Baptist Church where the large Newton monument was erected listing names of my Newton ancestors. It was such a beautiful place, much like this one. Thank you again, Brian, for preserving these awesome memories of old Georgia so well.


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