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Pinehurst United Methodist Church, 1928, Dooly County

The Methodist Episcopal Church South established a congregation at Pinehurst in 1890, with the Reverend T. I. Nease as first pastor. The first church building was a wood frame structure that featured a belfry (full of pigeons, as the story goes). The present church was built in 1928.


Planters Warehouse, 1910, Pinehurst

Warehouses like this were once a feature in almost every South Georgia town, from the smallest villages to the cities.

Vernacular Office Building, Pinehurst

Now used as the office of Pinehurst Peanut & Grain, this small gable front structure likely served another purpose at an earlier time.

Reed Peanut & Pecan Company Silos, Pinehurst

Historic Storefronts, Pinehurst

Kirby Maples writes: The atmosphere in downtown Pinehurst was indeed “thriving” back in the ’70s when Snelling’s was a general purpose store selling groceries, clothes, hardware, etc. Reed’s Peanut place was doing a lot of business, as well as, Grigg’s Gin, Robert’s general store, & Davis Gun Shop. There was also an ice cream store downtown for a brief while called the “Dairy Dream”. And the Bank of Pinehurst was drawing a few people downtown too. I worked at Dairy Dream and at Snelling’s back in ’74-’75. Riding through downtown on a Saturday now is nothing like it used to be.

Snelling’s Grocery, Pinehurst

This was originally owned by H. C. Snelling and later by Freddy Brown. Kimberly Brown Cavanah writes: My dad bought the store from Mr. Snelling and Mr. H.C. worked with him in the meat department my dad installed. I used to do my homework in the front display windows.