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Brown Hill Baptist Church, Bleckley County

Brown Hill Baptist is the oldest African-American congregation in Bleckley County. According to the sign, and other Bleckley County sources, it dates to circa 1795. This is an extremely early date for any congregation in this area and probably needs further documentation. Such an early date would suggest that the congregation was likely established on a plantation by enslaved people. The present structure is of much more recent construction. The church also had a school until 1969. That structure now stands on the grounds of Bleckley County Middle School.


Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

Farmhouse Ruins, Bleckley County

Paulk House, 1912, Bleckley County

This striking Neoclassical farmhouse has been one of Bleckley County’s best-loved landmarks for over a century.

Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

It has been a pleasure sharing these images from Anne Chamlee. They truly illustrate how important it is to document the built environment that we generally take for granted. This old tenant house was photographed in 1991 and is one of many places Anne felt were important reminders of our past, not just in architectural terms, but culturally, as well.

Meadows & Porter Peach Farm, Bleckley County

The extensive Meadows & Porter Farm [Joe Walker Meadows and Marion Porter] is one of the most intact historic peach farms in Georgia. It is anchored by the Meadows’s Queen Anne farmhouse (above). Most of the dependencies are still standing and in good condition. For its connection to one of Georgia’s most iconic crops, the farm should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The commissary is located between the main house and the peach packing shed and is in exceptional condition.

Two tenant houses survive, reflecting different eras in the development of the farm.

This board-and-batten example is likely the earlier of the two.

This is a label from my collection, of Meadows & Porter’s “Rooster Brand” peaches.

The peach packing shed is an amazing example of the form, and peaches are still raised on the farm.

I hope these important structures survive well into the future.

Queen Anne Cottage, Cochran