Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

I never get tired of finding houses like this because, more than any white-columned mansion, they represent the history that was reality for most Georgians a century ago .


5 thoughts on “Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

  1. niobrara1973

    I agree, Brian. Extreme vernacular houses like this are much more interesting when you consider the widely differing contexts. The mansions are often quite large, ostentatious, elegant and refined, but then consider how so many of the owners acquired their wealth. Not so with the vernacular houses in small towns, and the numerous abandoned and lost old farmhouses and tenant houses. Thanks to you, we have a record of what much of that looked like way back when, and this will all be especially valuable to future generations.

  2. shirley c hill

    I thoroughly enjoy all of your work but wonder why Social Circle GA is not on your list of cities. My paternal family is all from Walton County, Social Circle, Monroe and parts around. My family (which still has a family reunion every year on the first Saturday in June) still has many members scattered around the Walton county, Newton county and Morgan county area. My brother and I are the only ones who moved north to the beautiful mountaineous area of the state. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.


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