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Commercial Block, Hoboken

This is the only significant historic commercial structure still standing in Hoboken. The excellent Coca-Cola mural, added in recent years, notes that Georgia’s favorite soft drink has been “refreshing Hoboken since 1905”.


Queen Anne House, Hoboken

This is one of two landmark Queen Anne houses in Hoboken. Both are unusually large examples of the form.

A. P. Brantley House, 1866, Hoboken

This house was built by A. P. Brantley in 1866 and the Queen Anne features were added later. It is thought to be the oldest house in Brantley County.

Town Mural, Hoboken

hoboken ga mural photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

There isn’t much left of old Hoboken, but this mural shows it in its heyday.