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John C. Foster House, Circa 1854, Bluffton

This landmark Queen Anne has also been identified as the Johnson-Weston House and the Hattaway House.

Considering the date of the home’s construction, it’s possible that the shake dormers were later additions, perhaps during the 1870s or 1880s.


White Oak Pastures General Store, Bluffton

This historic store was built in the 1840s and after a renovation, is now home to the White Oak Pastures General Store. Its last owner, Herman Bass, ceased operations in the 1960s. It’s at the forefront of the Harris family’s efforts to bring Bluffton back to life. They eventually plan to move their wonderful farm-to-table restaurant from the farm, just over the line in Early County, to downtown Bluffton.

Saddlebag House, Bluffton

Tenant Farmhouse, Bluffton