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Parker-Landrum House, 1894, Millen

This is the Parker-Landrum home built in 1893-94 by Hardy Ward Parker [m. Sarah Cornelia Edenfield] as he desired his family closer to the schools so his oldest daughter could be educated but not ride in by horse or buggy from the home where they resided (still standing near the Jenkins/Screven Co line, but no longer in the family). Though the house may currently have a somewhat Italianate presence, it was indeed not designed that way originally. It was built by John Miles Edenfield and originally was a Victorian home in mirror vision to the home at the corner of College Avenue and Masonic Street in Millen which he also designed. The house has had multiple changes and additions through the years. Rebie Parker Larsen Landrum was one of the daughters of Hardy W. and S. Cornelia Parker. She and her husband, Crawford Burgess Landrum cared for the Parkers and inherited the home. Their son, John William (Bill) Landrum, II and his wife Jackie Burton Landrum cared for the C.B. Landrums and inherited the home. It is now currently owned by Bill and Jackie’s daughters.




Jenkins County Courthouse, 1910, Millen

Augusta architect Lewis F. Goodrich designed this Neoclassical Revival courthouse, which was completed in 1911. He also designed the Taliaferro County Courthouse and Athens City Hall.

The courthouse is crowned with a statue of Blind Justice, ironic because of the treatment of African-Americans, Jews, and other marginalized groups, at the time the courthouse was constructed, but a hopeful symbol and rare survivor today.

Recent removal of the old magnolias on the lawn, while regrettable, affords a great view of this landmark, which is one of the nicest courthouses in Georgia, in my opinion.

National Register of Historic Places

Lane Building, Millen

Constructed by John Edenfield in the early 1900s and now known as the Lane Building, this was known for a time as the Wayside Hotel [perhaps its original use] and during the 1930s was the plant for the Millen News.

Downtown Millen Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Millen Baptist Church, 1911

This congregation dates to 1885.

Parker-Davis House, 1911, Millen

This house once featured a wraparound balcony above the first floor porch roof. It’s one of several landmarks on West College Street.

Applewhite-Ginn House, 1906, Millen

Built by Joseph Applewhite, this was later the home of Bo Ginn, who was U. S. Representative for the 1st District of Georgia from 1972 – 1982. It’s presently owned by the Rossman family and while they’re updating some of the interior, they plan to leave the exterior appearance as is. Charlie notes, however, that the home’s present exterior differs from its original incarnation and would welcome any photos of it in that time.

Joseph & Lucinda Applewhite House, 1893, Millen

Originally a Queen Anne, this house was given a Neoclassical appearance with columns added during a renovation in the 1980s. [As of 2015, the house has been razed].

Car Wash, Millen

This was likely a service station originally. Sandra Counselman writes that as of 2018 it’s no longer standing.