Parker-Davis House, 1911, Millen

This house once featured a wraparound balcony above the first floor porch roof. It’s one of several landmarks on West College Street.

1 thought on “Parker-Davis House, 1911, Millen

  1. Bell-Parker

    Another great pic! I believe this house is c. 1911 and may have been designed by Goodrich, the architect of the Jenkins County courthouse (I have not seen proof of this). It was built for Sidney Crawford Parker, brother of Lou Parker Applewhite who lived next door (at the home later owned by the Ginns). Until recently the house had a balustrade atop the porch (not really a balcony) and an additional balustrade atop the roof (a decorative widow’s walk). The remnants of the widow’s walk are visible in the photo.


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