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Top Ten Posts of 2022

With nearly a million views, these are our most popular posts of 2022. Thanks for traveling with me and for making all this possible.

#1- House Creek Boils, Wilcox County

#2- Apartment Houses, St. Simons Island

#3- Peches Stand, Putnam County

#4- Elizabeth Durden House, 1840s, Emanuel County

#5- Hunter’s Cafe, 1951, Shellman Bluff

#6- Package Store, Jeff Davis County

#7- Best Biskits by a Dam Site, Hartwell

#8- Flint River Diving Trees, Meriwether County

#9- Amanda America Dickson House, 1871, Hancock County

#10- Stonewall J. Williams Plantation, 1880s, Screven County


Folk Victorian Cottage, Bowersville

This extraordinary vernacular Queen Anne/Folk Victorian cottage is a great example of local craftsmanship being applied to a simple central hallway form. That it has survived so largely intact is a testament to the work, in my opinion. [The photograph dates to 2015 but the house was still standing when I went through Bowersville a couple of years ago].

Bowersville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Best Biskits by a Dam Site, Hartwell

This place had some of the best homemade biscuits I’ve eaten anywhere. I was here in 2017 and think it may still be open but under another name. I just hope it’s still as good as it was when I visited.

The building is located near Hartwell Dam, hence the unusual name.

Log Trucks, Hart County

As of 2017, Georgia had nearly 25 million acres of commercially available timberland, more than any other state. Forestry-related jobs are a major economic force and log trucks are familiar on roads from the mountains to the coast.

Adams Brothers Grocery, Circa 1950, Hart County

Kevin Cowart writes: This store was built around 1950 by my grandfather Jim Tom Adams. It was called Adams Bros Grocery and was run by Jim Tom and his brother in the early years. Jim Tom ran it for years until 1980 when he started renting it out.

Smith-McGee Bridge, 1922, Hart County

Built as a privately-owned toll bridge spanning the Savannah River at the Georgia-South Carolina state line, the Smith-McGee Bridge was purchased by Georgia and South Carolina in 1926 and the toll removed. It’s a good example of the once-common camelback through truss design.

It was replaced with a new bridge in 1983. The eastern section of the bridge has been removed but it is open to pedestrians and is a popular spot for viewing the river.

Jim’s Grill, Hartwell

Hartwell Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Carolina Street, Hartwell

Hartwell Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Depot Street, Hartwell

Depot Street is a great example of revitalization and repurposing of historical structures. Colorful facades add to the appeal.

The street, a block off the courthouse square and highway traffic, is very pedestrian friendly.

There’s an artsy feel, as well, with the Hart County Community Theatre and High Cotton Music Hall (above)  adding a cultural vibe.

Hartwell Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Hart County Community Theatre, Hartwell

This iconic building originally served as a livery stable but is best remembered as the Weatherly Furniture Company. Since 1983, it has been the Hart County Community Theatre.

Hartwell Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places