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English Eddy Presbyterian Church

Hoyt Pittman writes: The eddy in the Altamaha River just south and west of the church was called English Eddy. There was a post office on Old River Road by the same name and a small community. The Church is the second church. The first was on [Georgia Highway] 147.

Bobby Thomas Akins writes: I was told by my Elementary School Librarian, Mrs. Mann, that the Mann family owned much of the land around English Eddy, and was called English because a small group of British Soldiers were stationed there before or during the Revolution. The first school house in the area was located about a quarter of a mile south of the church. The old one-room-school or what was left of it, when I was a boy (long ago), was down the next road to the left, Hwy 147, right on the corner. Mrs. Mann was a great educator, who seemed to understand the strengths and weaknesses in students and help as she could by pointing out books she thought would feed the needs of each student. She knew I loved history and told me many stories while checking out books, she was a very positive influence in my life as I know she was to many other students in Toombs County.