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Old Jail, Leary

Thanks to Don King, former police chief of Leary, I can confirm that this was the old jail/calaboose. Mr. King writes: This is the old jail. It was once located where the library is now. The old jail was purchased by the peanut mill and moved there. The library (block building) was once the jail that replaced the wooden jail structure.

Main Street, Leary, Circa 1950

Leary, Circa 1950, Photographer Unknown. Courtesy John McKinney

Leary is one of my favorite little towns to explore in Southwest Georgia  and in the past decade I’ve seen most of these structures vanish from Main Street. John McKinney shared this photo, circa 1950, to help put things into perspective. The Boyd monument, which is now in a green space at the end of the street, is seen here in its original location.

Vernacular House, Leary

While reviewing images for a manuscript, I came across this house in Leary and realized I’d never posted it before. The reason I’m posting it now is because on a recent trip I noticed it had been torn down. It was a large house, across from the Jordan houses.

Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Calhoun County

This house  was later expanded with the addition of a second room.

Ed Sheppard House, Edison

Kay Houston Sheppard writes: This was the Ed Sheppard house in Edison. His first wife was Mamie Haddock from Damascus. They had several children, one of them being James Haddock Sheppard, Sr, who married Louise McAllister from Ft. Gaines. Their children were Mayme, Jim, Jr (Bubber), and Bill. Bubber married Agnes Toussaint from New Jersey. Their children are Jim, III, Ed, and Hank. Jim and Hank live just outside of Edison.

Colonial Revival House, Edison

Killingsworth House, Edison

Marcia Killingsworth writes: This was my paternal grandparents’ house when they lived in town. Lawrence Madison Killingsworth and Ida Lucille (née Paulson) Killingsworth. Granddaddy had a farm, and was co-owner of the the cotton warehouse business.

Hall and Parlor House, Edison

English Vernacular Revival House, Edison

Eclectic Craftsman House, Edison