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Shotgun House, Calhoun County


Garage Barn, Orianna

This historic barn is located next to the community hall in Orianna.

Saddlebag Tenant House, Treutlen County

This was may have been part of the Soperton Naval Stores operations.

Double-Pen Cottage, Tarrytown

This small house is a nice example of the utilitarian double-pen form. Pen is another word for room. The added space at the back is a common amendment to the form.

Hall and Parlor Cottage, Screven County

Saddlebag House, Sharon

It’s always my reflex to identify a structure with a central chimney as a saddlebag, but even such a simple form can be deceptive. This is a bit unusual, as most saddlebags have two doors.

Roadside Store, Arcade

I made this photograph in 2017 and have tried to identify the structure since then. It appears to have been a small store with an added-on room. I’m not sure if it’s still standing.

Poultry Farm, Habersham County

I believe this farm now serves another purpose, but the old barns recall the earlier days of commercial poultry, Georgia’s dominant agricultural commodity. I believe Northeast Georgia is still the top region for production and was an early leader in innovation.

Shotgun Store, Circa 1900, Graysville

This is a great example of a “shotgun” store, the most common vernacular store form of 19th and early-20th-century Georgia. It was also a common form for small town offices and warehouses, but a resource survey identifies this as a general store, circa 1900. It’s been well-maintained.

Double Shotgun House, Dodge County

This expanded gable front form is often referred to as a “double shotgun”. It’s an increasingly rare form today.