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Sunset, Irwin County

I thought this beautiful sunset over a finished cotton field would be a good way to end the year. Happy New Year to everyone; be safe and be joyous.


Cypress Swamp, Irwin County

One of my favorite things about riding dirt roads is encountering little swamps and wetlands. In fall and winter, they are at their most colorful.

Top Ten Posts of 2021

It’s been quite a year, and I hope it’s been good for everyone. I’m so grateful for all the love, and wish you all the best for 2022. Due to popular demand, I’m sharing our ten most viewed posts during the year, and there were some surprises.

#1- Shark Tooth Beach, Jekyll Island

#2- Crystal Lake, Irwin County

#3- The Varsity, 1963, Athens

#4- Harville House, 1894, Bulloch County

#5- Home of Georgia’s Last Confederate Veteran, Fitzgerald

#6- Abandoned Amphiteater, 1973, Jekyll Island

#7- Wasden House, Brooks County

#8- White Sulphur Springs, Meriwether County

#9- Williams Seafood Sign, Savannah

#10- Top Hat Cafe, 1945, Columbus

Abandoned Tenant Farmhouse, Irwin County

This photograph was made in 2010. The house has been gone for many years.

Robinson’s Grocery, Irwin County

I’ve been photographing this structure for nearly 20 years and after all that time now have an identification, thanks to Wilbur Adkison. He notes that it was Robinson’s Grocery and was operated by Mrs. Robinson, who was a teacher at nearby Ashton School (Ben Hill County). Like the store in the previous post, Robinson’s Grocery is an amazing survivor.

Fountain’s Grocery, Irwin County

This has been identified as Fountain’s or Fountain’s Grocery. It has been slightly relocated from its original location.

Purvis Farmhouse, Irwin County

This is one of the first vernacular farmhouses I ever photographed [this photo dates to 1999]. I believe it may have originally been a dogtrot, but I can’t confirm that.  Rodney Gray writes: This home belonged to my grandmother Annie Purvis Gray’s brother, Richard Purvis. He had two sons who lived there and it now belongs to Glenn Purvis.

Irwinville Farms Tobacco Barn, 1930s, Irwin County

For many years an old wagon sat beside this iconic barn, surrounded by trees. I think I have a photo of the wagon somewhere but never got a good shot of the barn. I had just noted the loss of another Irwinville Farms barn I’ve photographed for many years when this came into view, as if to make up for that loss.

Crystal Lake, July 1940, Irwin County

These snapshots were made by Frances Trammell McCormick in July 1940. This early pavilion (above) was quite different from the two that followed. It was an open-air shelter and likely held a concession stand. [I have a download of another snapshot from the same era of a much more elaborate structure which was identified as being at Crystal Lake but I’m having trouble confirming it; it seems unlikely that there would have been two large pavilions at the site around the same time].

The edge of the pavilion is visible at the extreme left of this photograph, made from the lake. A small wooden structure, likely a diving platform, is also visible. I believe there are cars parked near the shoreline.

Shoreline from the lake

Boaters passing a wooden slide

Water skier

A couple walking on the beach, with the slide visible to the left