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Tobacco Barn, Treutlen County

This tobacco barn has been put into use beyond its original purpose. The photo dates to 2010.

Log Tobacco Barn, Long County

This barn likely dates to the 1930s [perhaps 1920s], when tobacco production became a larger sector of the commercial agricultural economy in Georgia. Before that time, production was scattered and more specialized. An interesting feature of several tobacco barns I’ve documented in Long County is their height, which is notably shorter than most barns found elsewhere in Georgia. I’m unsure as to the reason for this.

Tobacco Barn, Candler County

Batton Farm, Ben Hill County

This focal point of this farm is the old central hallway house, which was expanded a couple of times over the years.

A couple of outbuildings survive on the property.

Tobacco barn
Corn crib

O’Berry Tobacco Barn, Sandy Bottom

This is a truly amazing example of an early-20th-century log tobacco barn. It likely dates to the 1930s.

Tobacco Barn, Coffee County

This barn is located near the Wilsonville community.

Tobacco Barn, Bulloch County

Tobacco Barn, Bulloch County

This is a good example of a tobacco barn built in the last era of the crop’s dominance in Georgia.

Tobacco Barn, Canoochee

Irwinville Farms Tobacco Barn, 1930s, Irwin County

For many years an old wagon sat beside this iconic barn, surrounded by trees. I think I have a photo of the wagon somewhere but never got a good shot of the barn. I had just noted the loss of another Irwinville Farms barn I’ve photographed for many years when this came into view, as if to make up for that loss.