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Folk Victorian House, Montrose




Abandoned Bank, Montrose

Dr. Thomas Green writes: The brick building in your photograph was built as a bank, or so I was told as a kid. It was closed by the time I was around (born 1960) and was later used as a general storage building/warehouse. Montrose was a thriving little town during the first half of the 1900’s, with several stores, bank, physician office, railroad depot etc. Not much left there now, sadly.



Trackside Storefronts, Montrose

Dr. Thomas Green writes: The row of storefronts…did house a small general store during my childhood, run by a Mr. Y. H. Thompson, complete with wood-burning stove. The two-story building was the Masonic Hall, also now defunct. The small block structure was/is the voting building. Only time it was opened all year, as far as I recall. Mr. Payne had a auto repair shop in one of the other buildings (previously a store, I think).