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Multi-Gable House, Montrose


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Abandoned Bank, Montrose


Dr. Thomas Green writes: The brick building in your photograph was built as a bank, or so I was told as a kid. It was closed by the time I was around (born 1960) and was later used as a general storage building/warehouse. Montrose was a thriving little town during the first half of the 1900’s, with several stores, bank, physician office, railroad depot etc. Not much left there now, sadly.


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Trackside Storefronts, Montrose


Dr. Thomas Green writes: The row of storefronts…did house a small general store during my childhood, run by a Mr. Y. H. Thompson, complete with wood-burning stove. The two-story building was the Masonic Hall, also now defunct. The small block structure was/is the voting building. Only time it was opened all year, as far as I recall. Mr. Payne had a auto repair shop in one of the other buildings (previously a store, I think).


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Pressed Tin Storefront, Montrose


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