Montrose School, 1926 & 1939

The Montrose School is typical of other such facilities built before World War II. There are two date stones on the building, one from 1926 and the other from 1939. I presume the second date commemorates an expansion. E. L. Cates was principal in 1926 and J. L. Andrews held the office in 1939.

The decorative lunette above the door on the left front end of the building is its most notable architectural feature, though I’m not sure it’s original to the school.


1 thought on “Montrose School, 1926 & 1939

  1. Cheryle Hall Johnson

    It was a pleasant shock to see this scene of so many wonderful memories. I attended Montrose school for first thru six grades, starting around 1952. I am still in touch with many of those dear classmates. The photo shows so many changes I wasn’t sure at first if it really was the same school. It was much more beautiful until recent years.


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